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Coaching Accreditation

At Seacliff Hockey Club, we support having accredited coaches.  This article describes our philosophy on coaching and has links to useful resources to help you in getting your accreditation.

It is our belief that accredited coaches will be better able to meet the demands that are placed upon them.   It is our desire to see coaches accredited to the level of Community Coach. Ideally coaches may go to at least the next level of coaching – Beginner Coach.   Be be aware that although there is a $50 charge associated with sitting for the Beginner accreditation level the club will reimburse this cost.

For those wishing to pursue coaching at higher levels, it is recommended that you pursue the next level of coaching accreditation which is Development Coach.  You can read more about the various coaching accreditation levels on the Hockey Australia website.

Having accredited coaches at our club helps to ensure that:

  • Coaches at Seacliff are educated and trained in coaching
  • We are able to improve the standard of coaching at the club
  • We are seen as a club of choice when people are evaluating where they might go

Click on the following link to read the useful article that we’ve written to assist you with getting your accreditation:

The Steps to Gaining Accreditation

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