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Rebel Support Your Sport program

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Rebel Support Your Sport program

We have been very busy working on sponsorship and there is a lot in the pipeline, however one I can tell you about is with Rebel Sport with their Rebel Support Your Sport program.

What you need to do is:

Join the Season Pass program and associate your account with
Seacliff Hockey Club
– either online at Rebel Sport or at the cash
register of your local Rebel Sport store.

Everytime you purchase something, swipe your loyalty card and points
accumulate for Seacliff Hockey Club.  It’s that easy!

What we get:

Seacliff Hockey Club receives 5% of the total amount you spend as
an in-store credit.


Our club members need to spend a combined total of $2,200 per quarter
(i.e. Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec) to receive the 5% in-store credit
each quarter – however if we don’t accumulate $2,200 of total sales in one
quarter, the $’s spent will roll over to the next quarter.  And finally we have
12 months to accumulate the in-store credit – so by my calculation it’s about
a $5 per member spend to reach our goal!

PS Andrew Oliver has already received some loyalty cards and will be handing them out over the coming weeks!  So please support your club!

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