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Club Day 1: The Preseason Cup

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Club Day 1: The Preseason Cup

Surely by February 25, you would must be missing hockey.  You may well have had the pleasure of the Indian Premier League, but if you haven’t you can now have the pleasure of the Hockey SA Premier League Pre-Season competition.  Beginning this week at Port, our Men’s and Women’s Premier League Teams are back at it as they travel to Port.

But on the 25th, it’s our first games back at Tigerland.  Come and see Jogger and new coach Matt Morton put them through the paces.  Then, stay for a barbie, a junior coaching clinic before the M2-M5 men and women come out for a “run” around. We’d love to see everyone come out and support our Premier League Teams, say g’day and have a bite to eat.

8:00am-12pm:  Premier League Pre-Season Cup

12:30-1:30:  Junior Coaching Clinic

2:00-close:  M2-M5 training



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