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SHC 2013 sign on

It is time for all juniors and Seniors to come along and let us know that you are playing this season. (even if you have already been to training’s)

It is important that we get the right number of teams nominated to make sure everyone can take part in our great sport.

Sign on evenings

  • Sunday 3rd march 6 to 8 pm
  • Tuesday 5th march 6 to 8 pm

Uniforms and apparel will be available for sale.
Fees will be able to be paid.

Check your emails and letterboxes for more information in the next week. If you know of anyone interested in joining our club please let them know.

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Welcome to the 2013 season.

The top squads for both men and women have commenced their pre season training programme. Attendance at these sessions are open to anyone who aspires to be eligible for selection in the top 3 teams for men or top 2 teams for the women.

For those who don’t wish to play at this level, commencing of Sunday 10th February an alternative pre-season will be held at the Club each Sunday commencing at 6:30 and will run for an about 1 1/2 hours. This is open to anyone, senior or juniors, who wish to do some work prior to the season commencing.

If you know someone who may be interested in playing, but would like to have a bit of a try first, this is a the ideal way to start.

Any queries should be directed to Andrew Oliver on 0418 800 105 or members@shc.org.au.

We currently expect the pitch to be handed over from tennis on Sunday 24 March, and following this will revert to week night trainings.

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2013 Pre-season is here

We hope you have had a nice relaxing break over Christmas and the new year

Tiger Pre season Kicks off soon!

Below are the first 4 sessions for both men and women.
If you strive to play for the PLM, PLW, M1M, M2M, M2W it is especially important to come out, however sessions are open to anyone of any grade.

Tuesday January 22
@ Apex Park West Beach (Car Park)
Burbridge Rd (Opposite West Beach Hockey Centre)

Thursday January 24
@ Lockleys Oval, Lockleys
Enter off Netley Ave

Tuesday January 29
@ Apex Park, West Beach (Car Park)

Thursday January 31
@ Lockleys Oval, Lockleys

Tuesday January 22 (optional)
6:30PM – 8PM
@ Seacliff Yacht Club

Thursday January 24 (optional)
6:30PM – 8PM
@ Seacliff Yacht Club

Tuesday January 29
6:30PM – 7:30PM
@ Seacliff HC
(Bring Sticks)

Thursday January 31
6:30PM – 8PM
@ Seacliff Yacht Club

Cant wait to see you Tigers out there!

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The second series of SUMMER HOCKEY will be starting on the 1st of Feb 2013. At this stage the games clash with Premier League and Metro 2 pre season training, so interest is particularly sought from Metro 3 & 4 Women.

Our games are Tuesday nights, TBA venue, although we were at Woodville this series.

The comp runs for six weeks (until the 17th of March)

Registration is $12 for the series and match fees are $10 per game to cover pitch and umpires.

Nominations are due by the 20th Dec to hockey SA so please let me know ASAP so we can nominate, even if you might just be a fill in!

If anyone would like to play, or knows someone who would, please contact Carly Lohmeyer at carly_lohmeyer@hotmail.com or on 0403 816 118.

In the mean time Merry Christmas!!

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Coaching News

More great news on the coaching front; we have just appointed our Metro 1 Men’s and Metro 2 Women’s coaches for 2013. Unfortunately, the women’s M1’s have been relegated to M2’s so will be striving to get back up for 2014 – to help this we are pleased to announce Jonno Gardner as the M2’s coach and he will be assisting Daz with the PLW.

We are also pleased to announce a new face to the club to coach the M1 men’s team – Kev Aide. Kev is a current Australian O45 player and has a wealth of coaching and playing experience. Kev (formally of Woodville) is keen to take the M1 men’s team to finals hockey in 2013 and beyond.

We have been doing quite a lot of work in the off season to make 2013 a great season. You will notice some changes around the club in the coming year and there is an expectation that most members will contribute a bit more volunteer hours. We are a volunteer organisation and we all have a responsibility to make the club work. We are in the process of creating roles (mostly small roles) that need to be filled, please give some thought over the holiday period as to what you may like to do for the club in the coming year.

Finally, from myself and the board of Seacliff Hockey Club – have a great Christmas and New Year and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

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Latest news in Premier League

Exciting things have been brewing in Tigerland since the season concluded.

We are happy to announce that Darren Neimke has been appointed the new coach of the Premier League Women for 2013. Darren is well known to club and is looking forward to the new challenge of the Womens group.

For the Premier League Men, we are happy to announce that a new face to the Club – Mark (Jogger) Dell’Oro – has been appointed coach for 2013. Mark has a long coaching history including recently coaching the Hotshots. The club is really excited to see what they can do with their perspective teams, and we wish the teams and coaches every success in 2013.

We will be holding a meet and greet BBQ with the coaches in the near future, details to come shortly. Lastly, we are now focusing on filing the remaining grades coaches (including M1 Mens and M2 Womens and Juniors) – if you have any interest in coaching in 2013 please contact Jason Spouse 0414 422 854 or via president@shc.org.au

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Tim Stephenson represents Australia in Masters Hockey World Cup

We congratulate Tim Stephenson upon his successful return from Canterbury – UK.  In September he represented Australia in the inaugural Masters Hockey World Cup. Winning a silver medal. The Men’s 40’s team played well over the 2 week tournament winning their 3 pool games, against Wales 6-1, South Africa 7-5, and England 5-1 with Tim scoring a goal in each match.

The boys narrowly won the cross-over final against Scotland 2-1, scoring the winning goal from a penalty corner after full time.

Unfortunately they were defeated by England 3-1 in the Final.

In early October Tim had further travels for hockey to Hobart playing in this years National Masters tournament. He was again successful and has earned National selection for the second time in the Australian team that will be competing in the Trans-Tasman Cup in Auckland, New Zealand in 2013.

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Free Coaching Course!

Would you like to qualify to be paid by the Australian Sports Commission?

If so, here is the chance to do a free coaching course that will make you eligible to run an Active After School Care hockey clinic, which pays quite well.

It is a good development experience as well, so if at all interested, by all means register.

If you want to know more, have a chat with Dan “Chuck” Carragher or ring Paul Bond on 0401 123 391.

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Matthew McGregor Final Game

It has been that day that the SHC Tigers have not been looking forward to … Club legend Matt McGregor will join his wife Anna in Tasmania in the very near future.

Matt’s departure will change the face of our club as we have come to know it, with such a high calibre athlete and mentor going onto bigger and better things.

Some of Matts achievements:

  • State representative from Under 12 through to Under 21
  • AHL Squad from 2003 to Present
  • Premier League Men, 2003 to present, Captain 2009 – 2011, Premiership 2008
  • National representative, Under 16 – Under 18, Development Camp 2003
  • Coached the mighty Under 15 to premiership glory in 2009…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make sure you are a part of this day by coming along to wish Matt a great farewell as we take on Adelaide in this most auspicious day for our club.

The days games, Saturday 23rd June @ Seacliff Hockey Club

  • 12:30 – Metro 1 Women vs Adelaide
  • 2:00 – Premier Women vs Adelaide
  • 3:30 – Premier Men vs Adelaide
  • 5:00 – Metro 1 Men vs Adelaide


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Latest PLM and PLW Match Reviews

Keep up-to-date with how our 2 top teams are performing with these weekly game reviews.

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Players Needed

Seacliff Hockey Club urgently need players for lower grade women

Currently we dont have enough players to fill Metro 3, Metro 4 and Metro 5 women’s teams. The M5W team will need to be pulled if we do not get sufficient numbers by this friday ($2000 cost to the club).

Contact Nicole Thomson if you intend to play in these grades, and have not already spoken to her, no later then FRIDAY (13th April):

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SA Under 21 State Team

Congratulations to all the guys who were selected in the Men’s U21 State team.

Particular callout to the Seacliff boys:

  • Alastair Oliver
  • Todd Kitto
  • Daniel Mitchell

View the full list.

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2012 Training Times

Until the senior season starts (21 April), there will be pre-season training each Sunday for anyone not involved in premier league games.  Women 12:00 – 2:00; Men 2:00 – 4:00.

Note: Start time refers to access to the pitch. 
All players are expected to be warmed up ready to go for that time.

You can download the Training Schedule here – Seacliff Training Times 2012

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2012 SHC PLW Squad

The Seacliff Premier League Women’s squad has been chosen for 2012 and is aimed at developing a team that will continuously improve to be once again at the top. It still contains seven players aged 15 to 18 along with a number of experienced players.

This year we have gained five new players which will add greater depth and strength to our squad. In addition to Coach David Hales, Glyn Tamlin has come on board as Assistant Coach along with Damien Howard as Coaching Assistant. With knowledge of this coaching team the girls are ready to set the season on fire. We have also welcomed Dianne Fisher as Manager.

Pre season has been well attended with 30 players attending this year which is almost double last year. The fitness level is much greater than at this time last year which will aid in us getting through a longer 24 match season .

The premier league squad for 2012 is:

Penny Redmond (Captain)
Thea Hudson (Vice Captain)
Kelsey Benci
Sarah Coughlan
Ashlee Ferguson
Celeste Foord
Abby Ford
Kimberly Fulwood
Katie Hill
Cheriyse Hope
Jaime Molesworth
Alicia Norman
Skye Tamlin
Nicole Thompson
Stephanie Wighton
Nicole Roach (2nd keeper)

Click here to view fixtures


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2012 SHC PLM Squad

This year we have named 18 players in our PLM squad but remain mindful that, of these 18, we will lose Matt McGregor and that both Andrew Schubert and Damian Arney will be impacted by work commitments.

The squad has been selected in such a manner to achieve the required balance across all playing lines as well as providing a healthy blend of youth and experience. The nature of the squad selections is future looking and provides us with the flexibility that we require to meet the demands placed on us by a long season, work commitments, and state hockey commitments.

In addition to the 18 squad members we have identified 4 development players who will have close involvement with the PLM group.

Development players are guys who have potential to play PLM during the season but are still predominantly Metro 1 players. Having development players allows us to introduce targeted individuals to our training culture in a formal manner with the view to grooming them to be able to step into the PLM team without an issue. It is envisaged that they would attend trainings every few weeks and that we would provide feedback with additional feedback to assist with their step into a futurePremier League role.

Please note that, in certain circumstances, players outside of the squad may still be considered for selection or training with the PLM to meet needs as and when they arise.

2012 PLM Squad

Goal Keepers

  • Brenton Carle, Lachy Cooper


  • Damien Arney, Lachlan Seabrook, Brad Kitto, Damian Howard


  • Matt McGregor, Luke Hunter, Andrew Schubert


  • Glyn Tamlin, Todd Kitto, Matt Morton


  • Al Oliver


  • Matt Baird, Dan Mitchell, Henry Walsh, Tim Stephenson, Ben Batts

2012 Development Players

  • Dan Carragher(D, MF) 
  • Jamie Krecu (D)
  • Tynan Cassidy (D) 
  • James Oliver (D)

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