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Players Needed

Seacliff Hockey Club urgently need players for lower grade women

Currently we dont have enough players to fill Metro 3, Metro 4 and Metro 5 women’s teams. The M5W team will need to be pulled if we do not get sufficient numbers by this friday ($2000 cost to the club).

Contact Nicole Thomson if you intend to play in these grades, and have not already spoken to her, no later then FRIDAY (13th April):

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SA Under 21 State Team

Congratulations to all the guys who were selected in the Men’s U21 State team.

Particular callout to the Seacliff boys:

  • Alastair Oliver
  • Todd Kitto
  • Daniel Mitchell

View the full list.

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Hockey SA – No Objection Certificate

  1. Any Hockey SA registered player who intends to play hockey overseas in any competition or event run by another hockey association must obtain a “No Objection Certificate” from Hockey SA prior to participating in any hockey competition or event overseas. This includes players in the metropolitan association as well as regional associations.
  2. Any player who is not a permanent Australian resident may not participate in any Hockey SA competition or event, including with regional associations, without a “No Objection Certificate” from their home country’s hockey association.

An event is any indoor or outdoor hockey match, tournament or competition or other event, at whatever level played and at whatever age group played (including juniors and masters).

Below is a “No Objection Certificate” that needs to be completed and submitted to the Hockey SA High Performance Manager or Member Services Coordinator by any player fitting into either category above.

No Objection Certificate – Hockey SA

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2012 Training Times

Until the senior season starts (21 April), there will be pre-season training each Sunday for anyone not involved in premier league games.  Women 12:00 – 2:00; Men 2:00 – 4:00.

Note: Start time refers to access to the pitch. 
All players are expected to be warmed up ready to go for that time.

You can download the Training Schedule here – Seacliff Training Times 2012

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2012 Member Protection Policy

All members are advised to read the 2012 Member Protection Policy as published by Hockey Australia

During the last few years, SHC has been working on the use the most modern technology available to its members to communicate to its members. Such things as training, social events and club news, one major tool is “facebook”.

SHC does not support the use of Facebook for a means of negatively communicating to any person.

In line with the 2012 Hockey Australia Member Protection Policy, the use of Facebook to communicate frustration at an unmpire, team-mate, coach, or sporting body will not be tolerated.

Further Hockey SA Policies can be seen by clicking on the link below:

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Thank you to all involved in Hand Over

Thank you from Junior Co-ordinator, Kerry Kitto

Wow what an awesome club we have when juniors come out and help coach and set up on a sunday morning.

Great work by:

  • Jamie Krecu
  • Jamie Dowling
  • Jordan Kitto
  • Katie Hill
  • Abby Ford
  • Harrison Lewis
  • Jack Dowling
  • Alex Newton,
  • Kelsi Benci.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our junior program hope to see you all next Sunday Morning.

Great to see about 15 new faces out at the club this morning, A big thank you to all those who came to help, Lets get more new faces out next week. Talk to your friends tell them how great our club and sport is.

Sunday 1st April

  • Under 9s and 11s 9am to 10am
  • Under 13s 10 til 11:30

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Season Launch Wrap-up

It was a great turn out from players, parents, partners and social members of the club.

First things first, a big thank you to Kurt Tippett for giving up his time to share some advice and home truths about striving to be the best you can be both on and off the sporting field. I am sure everyone took something away from the night that they can improve on.

There were some key messages in Kurts responses, that we can relate to our sport:

  • Preparation for game day is both mental and physical
  • You have to make sacrifices to succeed in what you do
  • Support people, like mentors are a great way to improve personal performance and development
  • Best players are always a part of the best teams

Premier League Womens Shirt presentation 
A positive experience, with the girls having had some 30 pre-season training session which puts them in a great physical fitness for the beginning of the season. With Penny Redmond as captain and Thea Hudson supporting in vice, this will help the young players develop and bring the group together for a much improved and successful 2012 season.

With 5 new players to the squad, this continues to bolster the playing ranks, also with the return of the Metro 1 Team, sees the opportunity for rewarding player performance to keep trainings and games a real competitve environment.

Premier League Mens Shirt presentation
It started off with a somewhat somber mood, with the recollection of last years disappointment, however, with an injection of youth this year will prove to be another strong performance.

With club stalwart Matt McGregor set to leave the mainland and head down to Tasmania during the season, this will give an opportunity for the rest of the guys to step up and fill the gap. With a dedicated and workhorse like player, in Glyn Tamlin, as Captain and the flair of young Al Oliver as vice, this team is set to do some great things in the 2012 season.

From Season Launch, posted by Seacliff Hockey on 3/29/2012 (49 items)

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Seacliff Hockey Club stars

MATT Morton grew up about 100m from the Seacliff Hockey Club and took up the sport when he was little more than a toddler.

“If I ever saw the lights were on, I’d go and have a hit,” Morton says.

The 18-year-old midfielder has developed the talent to match his love for the sport, making junior state teams for the past seven years.

Morton is one of five Seacliff players who willhead interstate next month for the Under-18 National Hockey Championships.

He will join Brad Kitto, 18, and Henry Walsh, 17, in the state boys’ team competing in Brisbane.

Nicole Roach, 17, and Celeste Foord will represent SA in the girls’ tournament in Newcastle.

The Seacliff club, on Lipson Ave, will run two free “come and try” sessions on Sunday (March 25) and Sunday, April 1, for under-9s and 11s at 9am, and under-13s at 10am.

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2012 SHC PLW Squad

The Seacliff Premier League Women’s squad has been chosen for 2012 and is aimed at developing a team that will continuously improve to be once again at the top. It still contains seven players aged 15 to 18 along with a number of experienced players.

This year we have gained five new players which will add greater depth and strength to our squad. In addition to Coach David Hales, Glyn Tamlin has come on board as Assistant Coach along with Damien Howard as Coaching Assistant. With knowledge of this coaching team the girls are ready to set the season on fire. We have also welcomed Dianne Fisher as Manager.

Pre season has been well attended with 30 players attending this year which is almost double last year. The fitness level is much greater than at this time last year which will aid in us getting through a longer 24 match season .

The premier league squad for 2012 is:

Penny Redmond (Captain)
Thea Hudson (Vice Captain)
Kelsey Benci
Sarah Coughlan
Ashlee Ferguson
Celeste Foord
Abby Ford
Kimberly Fulwood
Katie Hill
Cheriyse Hope
Jaime Molesworth
Alicia Norman
Skye Tamlin
Nicole Thompson
Stephanie Wighton
Nicole Roach (2nd keeper)

Click here to view fixtures


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2012 SHC PLM Squad

This year we have named 18 players in our PLM squad but remain mindful that, of these 18, we will lose Matt McGregor and that both Andrew Schubert and Damian Arney will be impacted by work commitments.

The squad has been selected in such a manner to achieve the required balance across all playing lines as well as providing a healthy blend of youth and experience. The nature of the squad selections is future looking and provides us with the flexibility that we require to meet the demands placed on us by a long season, work commitments, and state hockey commitments.

In addition to the 18 squad members we have identified 4 development players who will have close involvement with the PLM group.

Development players are guys who have potential to play PLM during the season but are still predominantly Metro 1 players. Having development players allows us to introduce targeted individuals to our training culture in a formal manner with the view to grooming them to be able to step into the PLM team without an issue. It is envisaged that they would attend trainings every few weeks and that we would provide feedback with additional feedback to assist with their step into a futurePremier League role.

Please note that, in certain circumstances, players outside of the squad may still be considered for selection or training with the PLM to meet needs as and when they arise.

2012 PLM Squad

Goal Keepers

  • Brenton Carle, Lachy Cooper


  • Damien Arney, Lachlan Seabrook, Brad Kitto, Damian Howard


  • Matt McGregor, Luke Hunter, Andrew Schubert


  • Glyn Tamlin, Todd Kitto, Matt Morton


  • Al Oliver


  • Matt Baird, Dan Mitchell, Henry Walsh, Tim Stephenson, Ben Batts

2012 Development Players

  • Dan Carragher(D, MF) 
  • Jamie Krecu (D)
  • Tynan Cassidy (D) 
  • James Oliver (D)

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Seacliff Hockey Club’s Season Launch

The 2012 Premier League Season hits off with the first game in just 4 weeks!!! And also this year we celebrate our 80th Season!!!

So to celebrate the start of this very special season, you are invited to come along to Seacliff Hockey Club’s Season Launch the details are:

DATE: Friday March 23rd, 2012
TIME: 7 til 10 PM
BBQ cost: $7 per person
SPECIAL GUEST: Kurt Tippett from the Adelaide Football Club
WHERE: Seacliff Hockey Club, Lipson Avenue, Seacliff
The club bar will be open for you to purchase drinks.

Presentations for Premier League and Metro 1

Everyone is welcome! This is a whole club event!

We’re expecting a full house, so don’t miss out, be quick and RSVP to secretary@shc.org.au or SMS 0419 032 217 by Friday, March 16th please!

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Rebel Support Your Sport program

We have been very busy working on sponsorship and there is a lot in the pipeline, however one I can tell you about is with Rebel Sport with their Rebel Support Your Sport program.

What you need to do is:

Join the Season Pass program and associate your account with
Seacliff Hockey Club
– either online at Rebel Sport or at the cash
register of your local Rebel Sport store.

Everytime you purchase something, swipe your loyalty card and points
accumulate for Seacliff Hockey Club.  It’s that easy!

What we get:

Seacliff Hockey Club receives 5% of the total amount you spend as
an in-store credit.


Our club members need to spend a combined total of $2,200 per quarter
(i.e. Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec) to receive the 5% in-store credit
each quarter – however if we don’t accumulate $2,200 of total sales in one
quarter, the $’s spent will roll over to the next quarter.  And finally we have
12 months to accumulate the in-store credit – so by my calculation it’s about
a $5 per member spend to reach our goal!

PS Andrew Oliver has already received some loyalty cards and will be handing them out over the coming weeks!  So please support your club!

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Season 2012 Fixtures Released

Hockey Metro has released the 2012 Schedule, click the link below to see your matches.

We will aim at collating the schedule into the appropriate teams for PDF download shortly.

View the 2012 Schedule

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Level 1 Sports Trainer Course

Hockey SA is offering a Level 1 Sports Trainer Course ideal for all coaches and club volunteers

The course will be held over 4 Wednesday nights commencing on the 14th of March and will provide participants with knowledge on a variety of topics including strapping and injury prevention.

The Level 1 Sports Trainer accreditation will last for 3 years. This course is ideal for all club coaches and also club volunteers and ground controllers.

For all details on the course and registration details view the story on the Hockey SA Website.

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Sponsor Change of Name

To all members, please be aware that our club sponsor for over 2 years, Protech Lawns and Greens, has changed their name to Turflogic Synthetic Lawns.

Turflogic is the company behind the popular no-water, no-maintenance synthetic grass, putting green and artificial turf. With a focus on South Australian homes in Adelaide and the country, Turflogic provides a range of real looking turf solutions and provides its clients with an unparalleled level of service, technology and expertise. We can also provide and install all your vertical garden needs creating a care-free lifestyle all for a reasonable price.

Turflogic Synthetic Lawns
T. 0427 352 278
E. turflogic@bigpond.com
W. www.turflogicsa.com

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