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Position Vacant – Game Development Officer

Hockey SA is currently seeking applicants for the position of Game Development Officer. The position is a 12 month full-time traineeship as part of the Sport and Recreation Traineeship program. Applicants must be aged 17 -25 (inclusive). The successful applicant will work in the Game Development area of Hockey SA.

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Letter to Members

Dear Member,

The Club is gearing up for the fast-approaching 2012 season.  While many of you are still in summer mode, there’s been a lot of activity over the summer to prepare for the season.

Importantly, the Club’s trying to get as many of the positions filled that are required to run the Club during the season.

Volunteers required

As with any sporting club, the Seacliff Hockey Club relies on its members to volunteer some time and effort to make sure it operates the best it can.    Over the last few years there has been fewer and fewer Members prepared to put their hand up to help out, which of course means the work load for the dedicated few increases.  This is not sustainable as these members eventually burn out and the Club is left in the situation with not having enough volunteers to run it.

There are numerous roles that make a Club work, and the more Members that contribute, the better things work.

In 2010, the Club adopted a new Constitution that provides for a structure that promotes the use of Committees to undertake the day to day work of the Club, rather than it all being done at the Board level. The reason for this approach was to spread the work load and better focus the efforts to run the Club.  As part of this, the Boardhas established a number of Committees and defined theirscope of operations.  Additionally, the Board has defined a number of Roles that sit under those Committees.

summary of these Committees and Roles are as follows:

Function Description Roles
Governance Appropriate processes and systems developed and implemented to ensure the effective operations of the Club
  • Club Governance
  • Club Planner
  • Star Club Co-ordinator
Membership Develop and implement strategies  for the attraction,  retention and development of Members
  • Membership Secretary
  • Recruitment Co-ordinator
  • Volunteer Succession
  • Child Protection Officer
Competition Conduct competitions as required by Hockey SA
  • Senior Competition Co-ordinator
  • Junior Competition Co-ordinator
  • Fixtures Co-ordinator
  • Zone Representative
  • Tournament Manager
  • Team Coach
  • Team Capitan
  • Team Manager
Development Develop and implementprogrammes for the development of Members and improvement in performance
  • Player Development Co-ordinator
  • Coaching Development Co-ordinator
  • Umpiring Development co-ordinator
  • Junior DevelopmentCo-ordinator
Social Fundraising & Sponsorship Organise social events for the Members  and pursue alternative funding  opportunities
  • Social Co-ordinator
  • Fundraising Co-ordinator
  • Sponsorship Co-ordinator
  • CanteenCo-ordinator
  • Club Dinner Co-ordinator
  • PresentationDinner Co-ordinator
Communications Ensure effective communications with Members and promote the Club to external parties
  • Member Promotion Co-ordinator
  • Public Relations Co-ordinator
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Website Administrator
Equipment & Apparel Ensure the players and Members have access to the  appropriate resources
  • Equipment Co-ordinator
  • Uniform and Apparel Co-ordinator
Junior Committee Ensure the junior members are properly represented within the committee structure
  • Junior Co-ordinator
  • Designated positions on other Committees
  • Work with other Club Committees through representation by Junior Committee delegates

The attached document sets out the functions of the Committees and the Roles in more detail.

A number of these Roles have been filled, and a great thanks goes out to those who have volunteered to date.

What you are being asked to do is toconsider if there are any Roles that you could take on or whether there are any Committees you could be part of.   Remember, this is your Club, so any contribution would begreatly appreciated, no matter how small.

Should you be interested in becoming involved by coming onto a Committee or taking on a Role, or just want some more information, please contact:

Sheryn Foord
Email secretary@shc.org.au
Mobile 0419 032 217


Andrew Oliver
Email treasurer@shc.org.au
Mobile 0418 800 105


At the AGM held last November not all positions on the Board were filled and there is currently a vacancy.  To date key portfolios have been allocated, but there is still one very important role that remains unfilled, that being of the President.  If any Member has an interest in taking on this role or knows someone who may be interested, can you please contact:

Sheryn Foord
Email secretary@shc.org.au
Mobile 0419 032 217


Andrew Oliver
Email treasurer@shc.org.au
Mobile 0418 800 105

Remember, the club needs YOU!!!

We look forward to an exciting and successful 2012 season!

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Pre-season Training

Senior Squad Training

Attendance at the sessions for the men and women are open to anyone who aspires to be eligible for selection in the top 3 teams for men or top 2 teams for the women.

Any queries should be directed to:


Darren Neimke
Mobile: 0439855046
Email: darren.neimke@gmail.com

Matt McGregor
Mobile: 0433 788 728
Email: vp-men@shc.org.au


David Hales
Mobile: 0429 005 629

Nicole Thomson

Mobile: 0410 518 699
Email: vp-women@shc.org.au

Download the updated Preseason Training 2012v2


Lower Senior Grade Traning

For those who don’t wish to play at this level, an alternative preseason will be held at the Club commencing of Sunday 5th February starting at 6:30 and will run for an about 1 1/2 hours. This will be a combination of fitness and skills. This is open to anyone, senior or juniors, who wish to do some work prior to the season commencing.

If you know anyone who may be interested in playing hockey, this is an ideal opportunity for them to come out and have a try; so bring them along.

Any queries should be directed to:

Andrew Oliver
Mobile 0418 800 105
Email treasurer@shc.org.au

Pitch handover

Please note that we currently expect the pitch to be handed over from tennis on Sunday 1 April, but hope for this to happen a week earlier.

Season Start

This year the season is having a staggered start:

  • Premier League: 24 March
  • Metro 5 women and metro 6 men: 14 April
  • All other senior grades: 21 April


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Seacliff Hockey Academy

The Club is pleased to announce that in 2012 we will be running a new Hockey Academy concept at Seacliff Hockey Club. The aim of the Hockey Academy is to provide additional development opportunities for our emerging players and coaches.

The Academy will be led by our most experienced coaches and will run throughout the year. The first sessions for the program will commence in late February 2012. We envisaged most sessions being run on Monday evenings, but there may also be some early morning sessions which start at around 6:30am.

In the first year we are aiming to accommodate approximately 20 players to take part in the new Academy and then look to grow from there in future years. The primary reason for limiting the intake to around 20 players is to ensure that we have sufficient coaching resources in place to deliver the program.

The target audience for selection into the Academy program in the first year will be primarily players who are between 13 and 18 years of age. To meet the initial cap of around 20 players, the criteria for acceptance will be those players within that age range who have both the potential to develop as well as the need to receive focused attention to develop their skills.

There will be a cost of $100 per player to participate in the program, which will be used to cover the cost of providing coaches and specialised training equipment. In addition to these resources, athletes in the program will also receive access to video footage of their sessions and also an Academy training shirt.

Players are invited to nominate to join the Academy program in 2012 by responding to the secretary@shc.org.au by the 15h January 2012.

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2011 Senior Award Winners

Grade Award Winner
Premier League Men Best & Fairest 2011 Andrew Searle
Coaches Award 2011 Brenton Carle
Highest Goal Scorer 2011 Andrew Searle
Stephen Herbert Memorial Award
– Male Rising Star
Matt Morton
Premier League Women Best & Fairest 2011 Nicole Thomson
Most Improved 2011 Kelsey Benci
Highest Goal Scorer 2011 Celeste Foord
Jane Lamprey Award for
Team Endeavour 2011
Sarah Coughlan
Metro 1 Men Best & Fairest 2011 James Oliver
Coaches Award 2011 Lachlan Cooper
Metro 2 Men Best & Fairest 2011 Granham Smith
Coaches Award 2011 Jonathan Gardner
Metro 2 Women Best & Fairest 2011 Martina Leane
Most Improved 2011 Holly Hill
Metro 3 Women Best & Fairest 2011 Sarah Bradley
Coaches Award 2011 Leonie Harris
Metro 4 Men Best & Fairest 2011 Simon Lohmeyer
Coaches Award 2011 Harrison Lewis
Metro 4 Women Best & Fairest 2011 Samantha Maiolo
Coaches Award 2011 Kim Maiolo
Metro 5 Men Best & Fairest 2011 Andy Miles
Coaches Award 2011 Julyan Anderson
Metro 5 Women Best & Fairest 2011 Claudia Welsh
Coaches Award 2011 Keely Cassidy
Veterans Grumpiest Old Veteran 2011 Paul Wharram
State Representation 2011 Hotshots Matt McGregor
Hotshots Lachlan Seabrook
Hotshots Glyn Tamlin
Hotshots Dan Mitchell
Hotshots Alastair Oliver
State Representation 2011 U21 Todd Kitto
U21 Alastair Oliver
U21 Dan Mitchell
Reg Moyse Memorial Shield Premier League Men and Women
Best and Fairest
Andrew Searle &
Nicole Thomson
Ray Woodhouse Memorial Trophy Junior Club Person Daniel Carragher &
Jamie Krecu
Mayor’s Trophy 2011 Andrew Oliver
F.A. Ellis Award Best Club Person 2011 Darren Neimke

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Junior Development & Management

Running a successful junior competition is critical to the future of the club. It is essential to recruit new members and give them the opportunity to develop into the elite players of the future. To do this properly, we need to have the best possible structure in place. Therefore, the club is looking to fill the following positions for 2012.


  • Chair, who reports to the board and is a member of the HME Junior Subcommittee,
  • Boys’ and Girls’ Coordinators
  • School Program Coordinator
  • Team coaches and managers
  • Umpiring coordinator
  • Social/fundraising coordinator


The club strongly believes in the philosophy that players should take on coaching roles. Premier League and other senior players are encouraged to take roles in coaching at the Under 18 and Under 15 levels, with players from Under 18 and Under 15 Divisions suited for Under 13 and Under 11 levels. Nominations are now open for coaches for each of the following age divisions:

  • Under 18 Girls
  • Under 18 Boys
  • Under 15 Girls
  • Under 15 Boys
  • Under 13 Girls
  • Under 13 Boys
  • Under 11 Mixed (2 teams)

The format for the Under 9 competition is currently under review in conjunction with Hockey SA and more information will be available shortly.

Anyone interested in assisting with junior development is encouraged to nominate any of the above roles or indicate any other way in which that may be able to assist.

While the club relies on volunteers to manage these areas, assistance is offered in terms of waiving playing fees for coaches, and arranging training and accreditation. Where opportunities arise for remuneration, eg Active After School Clinics run through the Australian Sports Commission, preference will be given to people who are already making a voluntary contribution.

Coaches and managers will be required to have a police check undertaken – this is arranged through Hockey SA, at no cost.

For further information, feel free to contact Paul Bond on 0401 123 391 or email juniors@shc.org.au

Please register interest with Paul or by emailing either juniors@shc.org.au or secretary@shc.org.au with your name contact details and role of interest.

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Season 2011 at a Glance

All junior teams were very competitive with U13 Girls, U13 Boys and U15 Boys teams all making it to the Preliminary Finals and U18 Boys playing in the Grand Final.

The two U11 teams were also very competitive finishing in 3rd and 5th positions.

Trophy winners were:

U 13 Girls BEST & FAIREST Emily Lewis
U 13 Boys BEST & FAIREST Connor Richmond Spouse
COACH’S AWARD Liam O’Shaughnessy
U 15 Girls BEST & FAIREST Abby Ford
U 15 Boys BEST & FAIREST Harrison Lewis
MOST IMPROVED Jonathon Stephens
U 18 Girls BEST & FAIREST Katie Hill
U 18 boys BEST & FAIREST Matthew Morton
MOST IMPROVED Jarryd Nerlich

Congratulations to the following players for their selection in State teams:

U 13 Girls Emily Lewis
Alexandra Newton train on
U 13 Boys Connor Richmond-Spouse
Cooper Powardy train on
U 15 Girls Celeste Foord
Abby Ford
Holly Hill train on
U 15 Boys Jordan Kitto
Jack Newton
U 18 boys Brad Kitto
Matt Morton
SAPSASA U 12 Girls Georgia Simpson
Emma de Broughe
SAPSASA U 12 Boys Jackson de Broughe
Max Menadue
U16 Schoolgirls Celeste Foord
Nicole Roach

The Roy Woodhouse Trophy for outstanding contribution to Junior Hockey was awarded to U18 players Dan Carragher and Jamie Krecu. Dan coached the U13 Boys team and conducted Active  After School Care clinics, while Jamie helped out with coaching while Dan was away and along with Harrison Lewis, was out every Sunday morning to help Rob Tuck run the U9 sessions.

Thanks to all coaches, managers and coordinators, with a special mention to David Newton who represented the club on the committee for the Zone Championships.

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