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2014 Senior Fixtures

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2014 Senior Fixtures

Below are instructions to add the season fixtures to your Calendars (iCal, Outlook, Google)

Senior Teams Fixture Calendars

You can click on the links below to download the calendar to install into you Outlook or Google Calendar.

Premier League Men – http://www.shc.org.au/season2014/PLMRoster.ics
Premier League Women – http://www.shc.org.au/season2014/PLWRoster.ics
Metro 1 Men – http://www.shc.org.au/season2014/M1MRoster.ics
Metro 1 Women – http://www.shc.org.au/season2014/M1WRoster.ics
Metro 2 Men – http://www.shc.org.au/season2014/M2MRoster.ics
Metro 2 Women – http://www.shc.org.au/season2014/M2WRoster.ics
Metro 3 Men – http://www.shc.org.au/season2014/M3MRoster.ics
Metro 4 Women – http://www.shc.org.au/season2014/M4WRoster.ics
Metro 5 Men – http://www.shc.org.au/season2014/M5MRoster.ics


  • Goto Settings
  • ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’
  • Choose ‘Add Account’
  • Choose ‘Other’
  • Choose ‘Add Subscribed Calendar’
  • Type in your teams calendar address from above, EG: Metro 4 Women would be shc.org.au/season2014/M3WRoster.ics
  • A prompt will say it cannot connect with SSL, so select ‘Continue’.
  • Once complete, when you go to your calendar you should see the games listed for your division.

If you don’t have an iPhone, just goto your team link above on your phone/tablet and it should ask you to save it to you calendar.


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